Fantastic Must-Visit Fishing Destinations in Australia

When people think about Australia, they tend to think about kangaroos, koalas or, in some cases, Vegemite. However, there's also a vast number of people worldwide that simply adore Australia for all the opportunities it affords when it comes to fishing. 


Fishing in Australia

Many people take on fishing largely as a chance to unplug and just relax. Some people take it more seriously, going into it as a sport. The legendary status of Australia's fishing opportunities makes the entire experience fun and thrilling no matter what skill level you're at in fishing. 

Even your very first fishing trip will go great with all of Australia's options. The country is outlined by coastlines and prime fishing areasthe tropical Top End, cool waters of the south and the hugest largest barrier and fringing reefsthat are ripe with all sorts of fish.

When it comes to freshwater fishing, there are incredible rivers, mountain streams and pristine lakes available throughout the country. Barramundi can be found through fish outback billabongs, while trout can be found in the Snowy Mountains and sussed out with fly fishing. On the other hand, Australia's vast options for fishing spots makes saltwater fishing an absolute gem of a discovery. 

No matter what you fish with (bait, cast a fly, spin a lure), you can go about fishing on the beach, flats and even get into rock fishing. There's also game fishing, which many hobbyists particularly enjoy.

Read on for fast facts on fantastic must-visit fishing destinations in Australia:

Broome, Western Australia

  • Cable Beach
  • Gantheaume Point
  • Serves as a gateway to Kimberley region

Available species include barramundi, black-spotted croaker, blue-spotted trevally, cod, jacks, Northern bluefin tuna, sailfish, Spanish mackerel and threadfin salmon.

Cairns, Queensland

  • Black marlin capital of the world
  • Has several Australian gamefish species
  • Holds up to 70% of black marlin over 1,000 pounds ("granders") caught annually

Available species include baitfish, barracuda, barramundi, plankton, mahi-mahi (dorado), Spanish mackerel, wahoo and yellowfin tuna.

Cape York, Queensland

  • Accessible by 4WD only for a full-on adventure
  • Gorgeous beaches
  • Remote with estuaries, lagoons and rivers that are fish-rich

Available species include barramundi, cobia, cod, coral trout, giant trevally, king salmon, mackerel, mangrove jack, queenfish, trevally and tuna.

Central Highlands, Tasmania

  • Brumbys Creek
  • Ocean fishing
  • Over 3,000 lakes to choose from
  • Prime spot for trout fishing

Available species include rainbow trout and wild brown trout.

Exmouth, Western Australia

  • Crystal clear waters
  • Ningaloo lagoon
  • Whale sharks 
  • World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef

Available species include blue bone, bonefish, cobia, mahi-mahi, milkfish, queenfish, swordfish, trevally, tuna and wahoo.

The Top End, Northern Territory

  • Adelaide River
  • Deep fishing available (when seas are calm)
  • Mary River at Shady Camp

Available species include barramundi; this particular area is famous for that precise fishing aspect.


Australia is known for amazing fishing spots and the beautiful scenery that comes with them. Sometimes, entire trips to the country are planned by visitors just to take advantage of the fishing spots. Saltwater or freshwater, there's a spot for everyone: visit Cape York, Queensland; Cairns, Queensland; Central Highlands, Tasmania and The Top End, Northern Territory.

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