Gear up your experience and join us to make boating better. Seachange Boating is pleased to bring you smarter products to enhance any boating adventure. We are continuously designing, sourcing and testing products to improve your boating lifestyle.

“Why have a hard day on the water? It should be the best day of your week!”

Our SCB crew relates to how boating can and should be the best day of your week. We also know that when not prepared, equipped or planned well, it can also be the worst! We love boating as much as you do, which is why we work tirelessly on simplifying any challenges you may face while out on the water. We are passionate about boats and we get excited at the thought of enhancing your boating adventures, providing easier boat maintenance and helping you dock like a pro. When these things are done right, your family and friends will just want to get out on the water more!

Here at Seachange Boating, we set out to find products that will truly make a difference to your day, from established brands you know and trust such as Mares, Simrad, Camelbak, JL Audio, Purpleline, Phender Pro and more. If it can’t be found, we design it, build it, test it and release it under our own SCB brand. 

From outdoor gear to apparel, as well as right here online, our products are also stocked by a selection of boutique retail shops around the country and can even be fitted by one of our Install Pro Partners if required. You might also see our crew at various pop-up events throughout the year – from the markets to boat shows, at fishing comps and at boat ramps. 

If bringing you the best products we can find for boating wasn’t enough, we also have our range of SCBX boats.  With origins from the legendary Haines boat building family, the SCBX series are boats designed with Xtra’s and X-factor, allowing you to build it your way. 

So, jump on board, join the adventure and let’s make a boatload of difference together.

Find it at Seachange Boating. 

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