5 Essentials Every Fisher Needs to Have in Their Tackle Bag

Before you head out into the waters, you should first make sure that you have everything you need. While the contents of your tackle box will depend on your preference and the type of fish you want to catch, there are a few essentials every fisher should have.

To make your fishing trip a success, don’t forget to include the following items in your tackle bag.

  • Extra Line

  • You should always have an extra line in your tackle box so that you can easily replace your fishing line when it gets tangled up or broken. Not every line will be suitable for every fishing trip: the fishing line you use will depend on where you’re fishing and what kind of fish you’re fishing for.

    Whether you’re going fishing in a lake or river, you’ll find a fishing line that’s suitable for every place. Fishing lines are now available in various materials and diameters. Some of the common fishing lines include:

    • Braided lines;
    • Fluorocarbon lines; and
    • Monofilament lines.

    For anglers just starting out, we recommend that you keep it simple. Stick with a monofilament fishing line for now. Monofilament may be more visible than the other types, but it is durable, with the stretch needed to reel in big fish.

  • Extra Hooks

  • You should also remember to stock your tackle bag with extra hooks. The variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and weights aren’t there to meet your preferences—each hook is specifically designed for different fishes and conditions! 

    Make sure to stock your tackle bag with various hooks so that you can be prepared for catching any kind of fish.

  • Bobbers

  • Bobbers, or floaters, will let you know when you’ve gotten a bite from a fish so that you can reel your catch in. As their name implies, bobbers keep your hook and line on the surface of the water. 

    Red and white plastic bobbers are good enough, but you may want to stock up your tackle bag with slip bobbers, too. These bobbers may take longer to rig, but the effort is worth it, as they are versatile and can slide up and down your line.

  • Sinkers

  • Sinkers, unlike bobbers, are designed to sink. Since a hook and line can’t sink underwater on their own, sinkers are used to add weight, pulling your hook down into the water to reach where the fish are biting. 

    You should keep extra sinkers in your tackle bag, as they can get lost to the waves and currents easily.

  • First Aid Kit

  • Fishing is a fun activity, but you shouldn’t forget about the dangers associated with it. No one is impervious to injuries, after all! Anything can happen when you’re in the waters—a hook may get caught in your thumb, or you can fall, slip, or trip. 

    Besides your tackle bag, you should also bring a first aid kit. A first aid kit should include bandages, sterile pads, pain relievers, disinfecting liquids, antibiotic creams, and wire cutters.


    Fishing is most fun when you have all the tools and equipment you need. You can’t go fishing without a tackle bag in hand—if you don’t want to cut your fishing trip short, then you have to stock up with all of the fishing essentials.

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