The Complete Guide to Buying the Best Marine Speakers

No sea experience is complete without a superior stereo system! While there are other important things to consider to ensure your marine vessel operates well, speakers can transform your sea adventure from dull and quiet to fun and memorable.

Music can make things so much more enjoyable – just like when you’re going on a road trip, jamming to your favourite songs will make fishing and other water activities more worthwhile. With the right marine speakers, you’ll never want to go back ashore anytime soon!

What Makes a Great Marine Speaker System?

There’s a difference between having good speakers and installing a sound system just for the sake of it. Having boat speakers doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have a better experience at sea – if the audio system you select is of low quality, you’ll eventually have a costly problem in your hands.

Using regular speakers isn’t an option either, as they aren’t designed in accordance with marine specifications. Since standard speakers aren’t made for life outdoors, their materials will break down under prolonged sun and water exposure and will soon fail to work, resulting in wasted money.

So to have a great time at sea, you must install marine speakers! However, choosing the right marine speakers for your boat requires careful consideration. 

Read through our guide below to determine the best kind of boat speakers for your boat:

  1. How Big or Small Should the Speakers Be?

Even the highest-quality marine speaker is useless if it doesn’t fit your boat. Thankfully, marine speakers come in all sorts of sizes for every preference and requirement. To find out how big or small to go, determine where you’re going to install your boat sound system first.

  1. What Is Their Power Handling Capacity?

Your speakers must be able to handle a significant amount of power – the more power they can provide, the better! Before browsing for speakers, make sure to understand the basic power ratings to determine the kind of sound you want and keep your system from getting damaged.

Your marine speakers should be rated for at least as much RMS output as the receiver to guarantee that they’ll be able to handle a significant amount of power for a long time.

  1. Are They Waterproof?

It goes without saying that boat speakers will get wet, so your boat sound system should be able to work even when they get splashed with water. One of the main reasons why a house or standard speakers aren’t suitable for the sea is that the steel frames and grills, and copper wires are not waterproof and can rust when exposed to water.

When choosing marine speakers, make sure they are made with water-resistant materials such as neoprene rubber surrounds, polypropylene cones, and corrosion-resistant metal parts. Thankfully, many Bluetooth marine speakers can work when wet, and can even connect to your mobile device!


Selecting the best audio system is essential to having the best time at sea with good music for the years to come. As long as you follow our guide and purchase the best boat speaker from a reputable seller, you’ll indeed have a fantastic boating experience every time!

If you’ve been looking for high-quality boat speakers to elevate your sea experience, then you’ve come to the right place! We can enhance your boating adventure with better and smarter products at Seachange Boating. Browse our marine speakers today!

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